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ETABS 2013 is a program designed for buildings design and structural analysis. ETABS 2013 offers 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings.

What's new in version 13.2

- The Auto-Relabel All option that was available in ETABS v9 has been restored.
- Russian material property and section property libraries have been added.
- ASCE 41-13 guidelines for performance-based design have been implemented for frame hinge definitions, performance-point calculations, and the behavior and acceptance criteria for panel-zones and BRBs (buckling-restrained braces).
- Masonry is now defined as a separate material rather than a type of concrete material.
- Multiple named mass-source definitions can now be created and used for different load cases.
- The Singapore National Annex has been added as an option to the Eurocode 8-2004 response spectrum function.
- Notional load patterns can now be based on snow loads as well as other gravity loads.
- User control is now provided for the handling of self-weight in the end offset portions of beam members.
- The speed of analysis has been increased for most load cases.
- The iteration strategy for nonlinear static and nonlinear direct-integration time-history load cases has been made more adaptive to typically improve convergence behavior and to reduce the time of analysis.
- The line-search algorithm is now available for nonlinear static analysis.
- Steel frame design for the Indian IS 800:2007 code now implements the changes in Amendment Number 1.
- The display of design input parameters for steel frame design overwrites has been enhanced.
- Canadian design codes (i.e., CSA A23.3-04 and CSA S16-09) now include snow loads in the default design combinations.
- Multiple enhancements have been made for composite beam design affecting the control of the design process, the look and functionality of the interactive design form, the format and content of the output, and other improvements.
- Shear wall design per the Indian IS 456:2000 code now allows separate control in the major and minor directions for enforcing the minimum eccentricity due to slenderness.
- Several database tables have been added or have had their content expanded, including the listing of object unique names where applicable.
- Table set definitions are now saved in the text model file.

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    Guest Last year

    The link given is no longer there. Please help me activate my trial version.

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      Thank you for the report. We have updated the links. Please contact the developer at

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    Can anyone tell me how to download eTabs free?

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      Please follow the link to download the trial version of this program.

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    abdullah galib Last year

    Important software for engineers.